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The Sustainable Coconut Roundtable meeting series evolves into an impact platform

Towards a responsible and resilient coconut sector

that drives positive impact for farmers’ livelihoods,

the climate and the environment. 

Latest  Events

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November 25, 2022

Makati, Philippines

USAID Green Invest Asia, GIZ, and Sustainable Coconut Steering Committee (SCSC) will convene the 7th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable on November 25, 2022, in Makati City, Philippines, with the theme Advancing Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Supply in Southeast Asia. The roundtable will be held following the Philippine Coconut Alliance OMT meeting. It will bring together stakeholders actively involved in coconut supply chains with shared interests in sourcing and capturing investment opportunities in sustainable coconut and coconut oil value chains. The event is designed to include a mix of both plenary and group discussions, with sufficient time allocated for networking.

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March 31, 2022

​16:00-17:55 ICT, Bangkok

USAID Green Invest Asia, Barry Callebaut, and GIZ convene the 6th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable on March 31, 2022 focused on “Securing Coconut Farmers' Sustainable Livelihoods”. One pillar of the Sustainable Coconut Charter is to “increase smallholder farmers’ income and subsequently their livelihoods by improving access to markets, finance, technology, increased capacity, productivity, and replanting.” The event includes an update on the formalization of the Sustainable Coconut Roundtable platform, an overview of livelihood challenges coconut farmers face, and expert panels on the potential of sustainable sourcing initiatives to increase coconut smallholder income and livelihoods.

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September 29, 2021

​16:00-17:55 ICT, Bangkok

The first event to be held following the November 2020 launch of the Sustainable Coconut Charter, signatories and stakeholders across the coconut value chain reconvene to continue developing a common, consistent approach to deliver impact at scale, share best practices for sustainable coconut production, including remote sensing to measure deforestation, and review a proposed governance structure. 



Faced with record global demand, and a coconut supply chain that is threatened by underperforming senile trees, escalating natural disasters, and farmers’ lack of technical, market and financial access, the coconut industry faces pending supply chain disruption.


Quotation Mark

“Coconut is a new category for us in responsible sourcing, but not much is known yet, so we will really benefit from the work coming out of the collaboration, which we will use to redefine our targets by the end of the year.” 

Madeleine Eilert,

Sustainable sourcing leader for sugar and coconut,


Quotation Mark

“The charter is an important milestone on the way to improving coconut cultivation and farmer livelihoods. I am pleased we have succeeded in bringing together key players and stakeholders at one table. This is a challenge that must be tackled together to be successful,” 

Massimo Selmo,

Global Head of Sourcing,

Barry Callebaut

Quotation Mark

“The pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, affecting multiple nodes of production and workers from farm to table.  As a result, more people are realizing what many of us on this call already know - that a stable, sustainable supply chain, which can withstand multiple shocks, is more critical than ever.”

Angela Hogg,

Environment Office Director,

USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

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