Sustainable Coconut Secretariat

Since April 2021, signatories of the Sustainable Coconut Charter (SCC) are engaged in developing a formalized organization to grow membership and facilitate member-driven activities, such as the Sustainable Coconut Roundtable. A Sustainable Coconut Steering Committee (SCSC) consisting of five signatory members is currently working towards setting-up a Secretariat to help organize an industry- led legal/formal entity (to be referred in this document as the “organization”). Currently, GIZ and USAID Green Invest Asia (GIA) are supporting the activities and projects under SCC such as membership requests, Roundtable event and formalizing SCSC steering committee. GIZ and GIA are keen to facilitate the transition of the Secretariat roles and functions to a new entity.

For this purpose, interested parties or organizations are encouraged to apply as the Sustainable Coconut Secretariat that will take over SCSC in formalizing the “organization” and in developing its operations.

If you have any questions please sent your question to